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This is a runt sale....this is a runt sale....

We are CLOSED for the 2022 growing season .

Wishlist invitations will be sent to clients that made purchases, irregardless of regular/runt sale status, quantities with us, that are in our invoicing database. We will send out email sometime in the fall and will fulfill by first come first serve basis.

Please make sure your client email with us is up to date and get Jess out of your trash/junk mail

Extending wishlist invitations to our existing customers is our form of gratitude, regretfully, those that signed up for the newsletter will not be receiving wishlist invitations. We believe in our roots, humble roots - those that have many choices to purchase from but took the chance on us. We are more than just a field of colorful dots owing to them. 

Thank you for supporting a small family farm's dream and have a dahlia-dahlightful summer ~

All tubers are $5 each, irregardless of variety!


However, they will have at least ONE visible eye/sprout (with multiple packs, we only guarantee at least one eye/sprout). Had it not for the excess, we would have planted these tubers in our own farm!

We've been told our ** RUNTS* are what some growers rate as an A quality.

Stroll over to our Etsy site (where we began) to see the unsolicited reviews.

Inventory will be updated as the season progresses, please check back often.

We only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, just in case of USPS delay, the tubers won’t be exposed to additional elements. Our responsibility for carrier mishap/lost ends at the STANDARD package insurance (maximum of $50) which will only be processed after USPS reimburse us. Customers are welcome to purchase supplemental insurance at their own discretion. 

Our Dahlia Collection will showcase the varieties we currently grow.

Jess's Dahlia Garden is a registered nursery retailer in the State of Washington and tubers will ship with the State of Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Plant Inspection Services & Certification Program endorsement in compliance with the WA State requirements. 


Runt Sales first started in our 2021 growing season. 

Our only sales platform then was Etsy, we had a fruitful year, grew too much, and ran out of bandwidth to un-saran-wrap each individual tuber (yes, we wrap each tuber individually), and as our own tuber orders (Hey, fellow member of Dahlia Anonymous here :) ) from vendors start getting delivered, we panicked! Hence the birth of $5 Runt Sale.

We are a micro family farm with a focus in variety and our tuber qualities are limited. We keep track of our inventory on a spreadsheet labelling the estimated number of “full size”, meh, ugly and tiny. We only list the “full size” tubers for sale, the “meh”, the “ugly” and “the tiny” are inventoried as our own mother stock. We then subtract our mother stock from next growing season and that’s how we came up with available RUNT SALE varieties. So, yes, when the site is created, we REALLY have the much sought-after varieties, but it could be as little as a quantity of 1.
The Runt Sale page is NOT currently being updated we anticipate an inventory/variety update around April.