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Image by Jack Wilson


We do not have a set rules of return/refund policy.

Our business motto is “honesty, integrity and transparency”.

Happy customers is our goal!

We will treat you with the same respect which with you treat us ❤️.

In the beginning of our dahlia days, we had grown and wasted the entire summer on "blind tubers,"

only to be met with heartache.

It is our promise to do our utmost in making sure you do not relive our experience.

Each of our tubers are hand-dug and processed. Tuber sizes vary - even within the same cultivar.

At time of your purchase, each tuber is individually checked

to ensure they are viable with visible eyes/bumps/nods prior to shipping.

We've been so fortunate to have the guidance of seasoned growers, breeders, hybridizers, and dahlia lovers showing us the ropes of growing this beautiful genre of Mother Earth. Currently, there are 42 recognized species of dahlias, plus several subspecies. The genetic potential of dahlias appears to be simply inexhaustible.

We try our hardest in researching, verifying, describing, and capturing the varieties from our own field blooms

and are, by no means, "Dahlia Varieties Experts".


We subscribe to the theory that you cannot grow dahlias in the real world without virus.

That the objective of doing so is futile.

If you want good stock, cull those plants that look bad and supply the nutrients that dahlias need

to fend off the appearance of viruses. Lack of iron and or manganese can cause veining in leaves which can be misidentified as virus. Without proper testing, anyone's guess on virus can only be a best guess.
If the vectors in concern are not properly dealt with, a plant that tested negative today can and will quickly test positive in the subsequent days and rapidly infect the rest of your garden. 

It is estimated that at least 80% of the dahlias currently circulated are at least positive

for one or more virus. Testing and subsequent testings of one virus is expensive,

let alone testing all the known viruses. 
We cannot grow a negative tested plant in a bubble...

Until virus testing is sustainable in at least 80% of the dahlias being circulated worldwide,

until every gardener and every club that sells tubers and cuttings mandates testing,

we believe random testing by handful of growers on selective few plants yield no solution.


We continue to cull plants that looks questionable, and follow the “if in doubt throw it out” principle,

diligently following a strict insecticide control regime based on life cycle of vectors,

beyond that, we don't believe there needs to be a ton of anxiety over viruses.

Mother Nature has the ability to comfort, to calm, and to throw curveballs.


When available, descriptions are listed as they are on the Composite Listing Of Dahlias.

With few photo credit to Mr. Ken Greenway, all images are captured from our own field blooms.

We add footnotes, observation to the best of our ability, based on our dahlia field crops.

Environmental factors such as light, temperature, water, humidity, soil,

and nutrition will prevent proper plant growth if in incorrect proportions.

By purchasing from us, the Recipient/Buyer shall hold harmless, defend and indemnify

Jess’s Dahlia Garden from any and all claims, actions, suits, charges and judgments

whatsoever that arise out of the purchase of our product.

If we accept your cancellation request as a courtesy,

a restocking fee of 15% will apply to all non-cash transactions and 10% to all cash transactions. 

Jess's Dahlia Garden is a registered nursery retailer in the State of Washington and tubers will ship

with the State of Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Plant Services Program endorsement

in compliance with the WA State requirements. 

Jess's Dahlia Garden reserves the “Right To Refuse Service” to anyone.


Our responsibility for carrier mishap/lost ends at the STANDARD package insurance (maximum of $50). Customers are welcome to purchase supplemental insurance at their own discretion. 
Missing Packages - We are not the USPS, we cannot be responsible for package lost/thief/marked as delivered. As a courtesy we will work with USPS to locate your delivered/missing packages but ask that you do your own due diligence, take the tracking number to your local Post Office for assistance locating your package. 
We will send you what USPS reimbursed us minus original shipping cost. 

Shipping Rates beginning January 01st 2024 are as follows: 

Shipping is calculated by order total excluding shipping, sales tax and RUNT SALES

$1 - $50 = $15.50

$51 - $120 = $19.50

$121 - $250 = $25.50

$251 - $450 = $37.50

$451 - $999 = $56.00

$1,000+ = Please email for estimate

RUNT SALE $15.50 Per Order - Once a RUNT SALE order is placed, it cannot be changed. If you wish to add additional tubers, please place another order. 

USPS does not offer us *free* shipping. As a micro family farm focusing on pricing our tubers modestly, we do not have the ability to offer free shipping. We will only ship to a street address, no PO boxes please.

Combining orders is a monumental task and we’ve spent countless hours refunding/invoicing the wrong shipping options selected. Unless we've agreed prior, regretfully we will NOT be offering combined shipping/refund.



When do you OPEN?
We are a little different from the traditional dahlia farm, we do NOT open. Not only are we growers, we are buyers ourselves and not fan of the "opening/re-opening day" chaos. We believe gardening should be kind and have chosen to silently staggered our inventory. 

Everything says Sold Out?

We do not "open", we do not have the platform to support "checkout rush", we silently staggered our inventory. Your best bet is to use the NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE feature and check your email often.

Can you combined shipping?

No. We priced our tubers modestly and our goal is to have few varieties available at all times to help offset shipping, we have no control over what others choose to buy and cannot be responsible for the "check-out-one-item-at-a-time-buying-rush". 

How do I submit my Wish List?

We wish we have tubers to fulfill all the dahlia lovers. Fact is, we are just a micro family farm. Wish List is an extension of our gratitude and is by invitation only. Participating in our #GrowingKindness Charity Fundraising Drives is the only way to be eligible for Wish List submission. Follow us on Facebook for future opportunities. 

I subscribed to your newsletter but have not receive any email? 

We rarely send out emails. We relay on our only active social media - Facebook, as our form of communication. 

Can I reserve a certain variety of tuber?

The genetic potential of dahlias appears to be simply inexhaustible and we do not believe in a *must have* cultivar. We are also at the mercy of Mother Nature, to avoid heartache and disappointment, cannot make guarantee on the availability of any cultivar. 

I'm local, can I pick up my order?

No. In the past, we had pick up days to facilitate shipping savings. Sadly, due to an unfortunate incident resulting in merchandise lost, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to discontinue local pick-up. 

How many tubers is in an order?

One (1), you will receive one single tuber division and not a clump. Those stringy mostly detached clumps you see in a big box store are imported tubers.

When do you ship?

Unless pre-arranged or weather related, shipping schedule is as follows:

On around March 01st, *Family Portrait* are email to buyers right before shipping. It is the BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY to connect with us to discuss a temporary weather hold for shipping.

What is your payment & cancellation policy?
All Sales are final. Payment due at time of purchase. 

Do you substitute?

We do not substitute variety. In the event of "OUT OF STOCK" or the unfortunate "CROP FAILURE", REFUND will be automatically issued.We want to send tubers we are proud of and would plant in our own garden rather than just "check off the order" and as some tubers do not over-winter well, if, when processing orders for shipping, the tuber(s) do not meet our standard of quality, a refund will be issued.

My cart disappeared?
Yes, you've heard it everywhere else, having an item in your cart is not considered sold. As quantities are limited, it means someone completed the checkout, paid for the item before you did.

Are you legit?
Jess's Dahlia Garden is a registered nursery retailer in the State of Washington and tubers will ship with the State of Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Plant Services Program endorsement in compliance with the WA State requirements. We choose to be omitted from dahlia sites and instead be attentive to each and every customer that make us more than just fields of colorful dots ❤️.

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