Season Farm Floral Program

Season Farm Floral Program

The 2020 Season is now CLOSED.
***LAST DAY to order for the 2021 season is AUGUST 09th***


Farm-fresh dahlias sourced right here from our farm delivered to your front door! Each week, we curate the freshest dahlias along with filler flowers and/or greenery grown right here at Jess’s Dahlia Garden, delivered to you in a 7” x 4” acrylic vase! With the FARM FLORAL PROGRAM, you’ll get a weekly bouquet of freshly harvested flowers.


Your choice of delivery or pick-up (weekly from our farm stand).

Delivery $250.00 Pick-up $185.00


With this "Season Farm Floral Program Pre-paid 2 Months/8 Weeks Subscription" service, you can cancel, skip and double or triple up (maximum allowed per week) on the next delivery to fit your schedule and vacations, kindly give us 48 hours’ notice.


We do offer an Early Bird Promotion, use code JDG10 for a 10% discount towards your pre-paid 2 months/8 weeks subscription. But hurry, Early Bird Promotion ends January 15th, 2021.


All pre-paid delivery must be requested prior end of the season, the first frost, typically around the first week of October. As with all of mother-natures products, we are unable to guarantee a specific variety or colors of dahlias/fillers but will do our utmost to accommodate special requests! We anticipate your first Farm Floral Delivery on or before July 31st, 2020.


We are at “Mother Nature’s” mercy and if a frost hits or terrible weather comes through, we will be done for the season. In the event that we are unable to fulfilled your order, your purchased will be pro-rated and the unfulfilled order refunded. Our beginning and end dates vary slightly each season.


Farm Floral Prorgam is currently servicing the following cities in the Washington State: 98072 Woodinville, 98077 Woodinville, 98053 Redmond, 98052 Redmond, 98033 Kirkland, 98034 Kirkland, 98021, 98019 Duvall, 98021, Bellevue, 98012 Bothell, 98011 Bothell, 98004 Bellevue, 98005 Bellevue, 98007 Bellevue. New zip codes are being added regularly, please check back often or email us.


*** Due to software restriction, we are unable to edit shipping feature during checkout. Please complete Farm Floral Program purchases separately and select FARM FLORAL DELIVERY.

  • Dahlia As Cut Flowers

    The Dahlia As A Cut Flower

    Dahlias are big, bold flowers with long, sturdy stems that make them perfect for vases. Whether dahlias are gift bouquets or blooms grown in your garden, the showy flowers are sure to light up a room. Dahlias have a relatively short vase life compared to most flowers; however, with proper care, the flowers put on a vibrant show for up to five days. 

    H2O ASAP
    Dahlias brought home from the flower or farmer’s market should get dropped in water as soon as possible. In order to maximize their relatively short 3 to 4 days vase life, warm or hot tap water is ideal. Dropping them in a vase of very hot water (NOT boiling) and letting it cool to room temperature can extend their vase life by 2 to 3 days. Dahlias will hydrate better in warm water. 


    The vase life of Dahlias varies greatly by species and cultivar. Tighter, compact varieties last longer than the large and showy ‘Cafe au Lait’ and other dinner plate varieties, so named because they’re as big as a dinner plate. As a rule of thumb, the larger and fancier the petals, the shorter the vase life.


    Dahlia lasts a little longer when all the weight of the bloom is supported with other blooms. Even if they’re piled on one another, sometimes these pretty girls need a little help.


    For the best vase life, re-cut the stems ½ - 1 inch and change the water in the vase every other day (cool or room temperature water is fine). Dahlias can dirty up water pretty quickly, so a cut and change of water will keep bacteria from forming and clogging up the stems. Remove withered or discolored petals from individual blooms daily. Wash your vase thoroughly every time you use it for a new bouquet. 


    Place the bouquet in a cool room, avoid near warm appliances, heating vents, sunny window, out of direct sunlight and drafts. 


    Knowing that flowers are a perishable natural product and that floral arrangements and floral gifts are handmade, we pre-treat our arrangements with Floralife hydration and treatment solutions. We make every effort to fortify our floral products and ensure the quality, accuracy and beauty of our work. Dahlias do require more care than other flower types and they do not have the long vase life of some other flowers even when properly cared for. 


    Enjoy your dahlias!! 

  • Our Store Policy

    We recommend that you become familiar with the “Dahlias As Cut Flowers” and/or "How To Plant Dahlias" care sheets.

    We can make no explicit guarantees or allowances for circumstances over which we have no control. 

    Bad weather, bad timing, bad luck and basic human incompetence can all lead to unanticipated and unsatisfactory results. 

    Mother Nature does not guarantee perfection, and neither can we.

    No returns, no refunds, no exchanges and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.