Cafe Au Lait

Cafe Au Lait

6-8 ” blooms in beautiful shades of soft peach to beige to a pink blush on the same plant. Slow grower. Excellent cut flower qualities. Plant height is 4 ’.


*** Introduced around 1967, the colors do vary A LOT - they’re pink, they’re purple, they’re creamy yellow, they're blush, they're peach, they're ivory. We've reached out to many growers regarding the sub-varieties (Rose, Royal etc.) but it seems each has their own take and we came to no conclusion.  So for inventory purposes, we decided to classify the sub-species as follows:

1) Cafe Au Lait - mostly blush, soft peach, ivory and creamy yellow;
2) Cafe Au Lait Royal - soft lavender to pink;
3) Cafe Au Lait Rose - mostly deep pink with some having variegated lighter pink, lavender;

4) Cafe Au Lait Blanco - all white;

5) Cafe Au Lait Morado - soft lavender and purple with lighter center.


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    Each of our tubers are harvested, processed and preserved by hand and while we've done our best to increase our stock to keep up with demand, as a small family farm, we offers very limited quantities of our tubers each Spring.

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